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MY TOWN | Amanda Beaudin
Eye of the Tiger

Kyla Kumar

Amanda Beaudin is one of Canadian boxing's rising female stars and a top-ranked contender for the vacant "flyweight" title. In the midst of training for her next fight, she recently went toe-to-toe with Marc Skulnick to discuss her two favourite topics: boxing and her hometown.

Whereabouts in Hamilton did you grow up?
"I was born and raised in Hamilton; always up the Mountain, specifically on Dodson Street for most of my childhood. Now I'm currently living in a house I bought near the Garth and Stone Church area."

How has the city influenced your boxing career?
"Hamilton has influenced my career in terms of the number of female fighters we have. I know Jessica Rakoczy was born and raised in Hamilton and made it big in women's boxing. Hamilton doesn't have a large number of female fighters, which encouraged me to keep at it."

Who in the city has had the biggest impact on you personally and professionally?
"Brodie Boone has been my coach for a big part of my boxing career and I've always looked up to him. Steel Town is another boxing club in Hamilton that has remarkable boxers. But, personally, I would say my mother has had the biggest impact. She developed me into a proper lady with great morals and values."

Besides yourself, of course, who's the toughest fellow Hamiltonian female boxer?
"Again, I would say Jessica Rakoczy, whom I'm proud to say is from Hamilton. That woman is an amazing fighter who can not only hit, but get hit and keep going."

Best meal you've eaten in the city?
"Being a huge breakfast eater, the best meal I've had in Hamilton would be the Nutella Crepe from Cora's. Having a new Cora's on Upper James has been much more convenient, and dangerous (laughing.) I love going there, especially on weekends."

What's one local event you look forward to every year?
"One event I always attend every year is the Canada Day fireworks at the waterfront with my friends. We always have a great time, bringing a blanket to lie on, sweaters and we usually get icecream. It's a lot of fun with great memories every year."

What's your favourite thing to do in the city?
"I love rollerblading with my friends along the waterfront or bringing my dog to the SPCA dog park to play and run with the other dogs. I enjoy going on hikes and trails. It's always relaxing with my pup and the trail runs are great for fight prep. Hamilton has so many waterfalls, so hiking is always a pleasurable experience."

You've had 17 amateur fights and three professional fights, what's your most memorable hometown moment?
"My best hometown moment would be one of my fights at Hamilton Place. To fight there was an honour. The audience was great, really in my corner, and it being a hometown fight, the crowd was loud!"

If you had to pick one word to describe Hamilton, what would it be and why?
"Home, because it is. It truly feels like home. Being born and raised here, there's no place I would rather be."